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The Art of Wholeness Experienced

take a chance, experience life wholly


Melissa Holland Lerner, MDiv, CSD

Certified Spiritual Director

MDiv • Spiritual Directors International Member

26X2 Certified Yoga Instructor • Centering and Meditative Prayer Practitioner

Enneagram One (with a strong Nine wing) • INFJ 

Mother of 3 Adult Children • Preschool Teacher

Native Faith Language: Christianity               

Current Faith Language: Universal Truth in Everything

My Story

What is a Spiritual Director?

A spiritual director is committed to deep listening without judgment. I will create space for you to slow down and reflect on how the Divine is moving in your life. It is a sacred privilege to walk along with you on your spiritual journey and to be in conversation with you to help you discover your wholeness and belonging within the Divine.


As your Spiritual Director, I will help you explore and reflect upon the days of your life (past, present and future) and offer resources and practices that support your spiritual growth and discovery.


Whether you are deeply rooted in a particular faith or are “spiritual but not religious” I am committed to listen, walk, sit, talk and be with you along your journey.

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