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Finding the Art of Your Wholeness

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Spiritual Direction

Sacred Listening


Mindfulness Coaching


Mindfulness Coaching for Families

Present for One Another


Finding Your Art in Wholeness



Spiritual Direction – In-person or Zoom

Spiritual Direction meetings are scheduled for a 50-minute time period and are usually monthly meetings.


Individual and Family Mindfulness Coaching – In-person or Zoom

Mindfulness Coaching meetings are scheduled for a 30-minute session time period and are monthly meetings.


We are all capable of living mindful lives but sometimes our life gets so busy that we find ourselves just trying to get it all done without realizing that we are moving without appreciating the time we have with each other or even with ourselves. When we become more present to ourselves and each other, time really does allow us to do all that we truly need to do and be exactly as we need to be.


I will work with you on how to grow in calmness and compassion. By learning how to integrate mindful practices into your own unique lifestyle, you can develop ways for harmonious and compassionate presence that work for how you (and your family) operate in the world. Moving mindfully can become who you are.


For Families

Two sessions minimum

Coaching for individual and families are very similar, but coaching a family involves not only the individuals involved but how the family interacts together.

In session 1: I will listen to better understand what is important to you and your family. I will listen for what mindfulness means to you in your family’s context. We will spend time together in discussion to learn from you how mindfulness can be a part of your family’s lifestyle.

In Session 2, We will discuss a "mindfulness plan” based on our conversations during Session 1. I will work with you to address any questions or concerns you might have and how each member of the family will be involved.

Ongoing: I highly recommend planning additional ongoing sessions to check in together as a family. 

Finding Your Art in Wholeness

Each of us has a Divine calling toward wholeness. Wholeness is peace and acceptance in everything you do and all that you are. Each step along your journey is a stroke of art you are invited to participate in with the Divine. I hope to bear witness to your life's creation. 


I offer a sliding fee scale.

Spiritual Direction is $80 per session.

Mindfulness Coaching is $35 per session.

Conversation is open for what works best for you. Fees should not be a barrier for your art of wholeness.

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