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I seek to be wholly Melissa.

Like so many others, my life’s journey has been full of ups, downs, and zigs and zags.

In certain moments and times along that journey, I have been curious as to my purpose, my life’s purpose. My Christian upbringing gave me a knowledge of the Divine, yet something in me told me there is more. In the midst of serving on staff at two different United Methodist Churches, I became more and more curious in a Universal Truth that was living in me, through me and around me. I followed my curiosity in an academic way and received a Master of Divinity from Emory University’s Candler School of Theology which inspired my spiritual curiosity beyond that of head knowledge. I received a Certification in Spiritual Direction through Zeitgeist ( in response to my continued curiosity, which is ceaseless, in recognizing my own experiences in the Divine moving in me and the world. My curiosity in a Universal Truth lies in the experiences of knowing true Wholeness and Belonging.

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